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Ikon Audio is owned, designed, and distributed by Erikson Consumer, a division of Jam Industries, in Montreal, QC. Jam Industries was established in 1972 as a musical instruments distributor and has grown to a company with over $200 million in yearly sales. Erikson Consumer not only designs high performance speakers but also distributes superior electronic components such as Harman Kardon, Arcam, Sirius, Roth Audio and FatMan.

Since its inception in 2002, Ikon has established itself in key dealers across the country, from the Maritimes to BC, has grown steadily, and continues to draw rave reviews from dealers and owners alike. The reason is simple and actually quite obvious, it’s all about the performance and if you audition an Ikon Audio loudspeaker and you’ll hear and feel the difference. How does one “feel” the difference between speakers, something not normally associated with a tactile experience? Ikon provides incredible clarity that competes favorably with any speaker available today but it’s absolutely unrivalled in one domain: brute bass output. The type of bass that you not only hear but feel in the shaking of your clothes, vibrations in your hair, and heavyweight punch to the stomach. No other speaker offers the same kind of dynamics, thunderous bass, or overall exhilaration you get when listening to an Ikon.

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Design Flair

Through the designing process of our speakers, three key elements of research and development have contributed to Ikon’s incredible success.

Key Element #1
Every component is designed and engineered by Ikon Audio.
Nothing is bought “off the shelf”, like almost every other speaker company. Each driver of every Ikon Audio loudspeaker is unique and was designed to maximize its performance within its intended cabinet.

Key Element #2
Listening Tests
Every Ikon speaker is subjected to and perfected by a large variety of computer aided tests to get it ready for the toughest tests of all, listening tests by people from every walk of life. From the trained listeners and engineers to the warehouse and inside sales staff, everyone gets to listen and provide feedback on what they think of Ikon sound. Hundreds of hours are spent listening and fine tuning each model before it goes to final production.

Key Element #3
Constant Market Research
Input from store owners, salespeople, and most importantly, Ikon owners, guarantees that Ikon Audio loudspeakers follow acoustic and cosmetic trends to address the latest needs and desires of the clients.

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